about us History
The Company had its humble beginnings in Johor Bahru with a small workshop and showroom catering to the Singaporean market. The art and skills involved in this business were acquired through years of apprenticeship with family elders. With the rapid growth of the Klang Valley market, the Company made a major decision to relocate to Kuala Lumpur. This was a major turning point for the Company, resulting in a number of concessionaire agreements with major departmental stores and specialty brands such as British India. In recent years we have diversified our product range and made forays into new markets, products and services.



Hand sewn lampshades can be viewed as creative works of art in its range of designs, fabrics and patterns. It is a craft that has taken many years to perfect with a relentless drive for innovative solutions to the contemporary needs of business and home owners, architects, designers and renovators. Our philosophy is thus focussed on:



Our team members are fully trained to the highest standards of quality workmanship in all they do. All finished products undergo stringent quality checking before delivery. That is why every product that is individually crafted by us bears the distinctive style of Cosmo Edge.



We strive to keep abreast of developments in the newest materials and design concepts in the market. This gives us the flexibility to adapt to new trends in materials, designs or ideas, and to ultimately provide innovative lampshade solutions for our customers.



Our customers are our most important stakeholders as they are the reason for our wide range of products that span the commercial, residential, OEM, hardback, custom and hand sewn sectors. Our team will go the extra mile to ensure that customers' requirements can be fully met within parameters agreed upon for every project.